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Rosalie Prinzivalli Rosalie Prinzivalli is trained and certified as a Feng Shui practitioner by the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program™ where she graduated in 2002.

After 3 years as his teaching assistant, Dr Edgar Sung named her to succeed him on the faculty. Rosalie is the only graduate to have joined the faculty.

She has an MBA and extensive executive experience; consults on organizational and leadership effectiveness. She also brings 30+ years of studies in Taoism, meditation, astrology, and energy healing including certification in Onnetsuki/Far Infrared and Shinkiko Energy healing) to program students and her Feng Shui clients.

With an MBA from NYU, and over 30 years of Wall Street and corporate executive experience, Rosalie brings strong business credentials and a passion for organizational and leadership effectiveness to program students, her Feng Shui clients and corporate business consulting clients.

You may contact Ms. Prinzivalli at (212) 472-1247

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