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Feng Shui of the Natural World   June 20-22, 2003
Shantigar Foundation
Rowe, MA
Presented by Steven Post
Steven Post Harmonizing the Inner and Outer Landscapes

The body of the earth is like the body of a human being.
Feng Shui text, 600 BC

To the eyes of the Man of Imagination, Nature is imagination itself.
William Blake

Specially crafted by Feng Shui master Steven Post for Shantigar's striking natural setting, this workshop introduces nature awareness training- the art of self-study in attunement with earth energies. There's a basic unity between your body, your home and the world- between the flow of Qi (chi) of earth and human body as site. Experiencing how nature is like a human body benefits oneself and the whole community of earth. Through little known traditional Feng Shui shamanic exercises we'll increase our sensitivity to the visible and invisible world of nature. Both outdoors and in class, we'll study the Feng Shui of land and water forms and how to find the optimal home site, the dragon's lair.

Joining the practical with the universal, we'll experience how the human imagination relates to the language of earth forms. Some methods taught in this workshop are physically demanding and require faith, concentration and the exercise of will.

This program will also serve as one pre-requisite introductory intensive for the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program.

With over thirty years experience as a Feng Shui scholar, consultant, educator, and author, Steven Post, co-owner of BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, is known as "Feng Shui's Walking Encyclopedia". Steven is designated by H.H. Professor Lin Yun Grand Master of BTB Feng Shui as authoritative and a resource for his students. Steven wrote the acclaimed The Modern Book of Feng Shui and has contributed to the vitality and harmony of thousands of homes and businesses. The first person to teach Feng Shui in the United States, he is recognized for his depth of multi-cultural Feng Shui knowledge including Great Goddess, Jewish, Japanese, and European geomancy traditions and has studied their influence on Qi in history, politics, and the fate of nations. A lifetime of studying the human body as a site and the Feng Shui of the Natural World, enables him to teach their relationship. He has been featured on NBC Dateline, in Newsweek, Esquire, and the NY Times Magazine, among many others.

Registration is Friday at two o'clock. The workshop begins at three and ends Sunday at one.
Fee: $252.00 including three meals.
To register call: (413) 339-4332 or visit the website:

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