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A Feng Shui consultation is a full assessment of your space, the layout, placement of furniture, the energy of your environment, spacing clearing, house blessing and pre-purchase and pre-rental real estate review. Ifocuses on enhancing the energies around you in order to create the most beneficial conditions for your life! Your home should not be just a place of shelter, it should nurture, protect and inspire you. When you feel safe and nurtured in your home you have better health and enhanced relationships. Your Feng Shui consultation will motivate you to create your own sanctuary by helping you uncover a harmonized and balance home. Feng Shui enhancements are use to blend into your home's design and helps maximize the potential for relationships, business success, good health and prosperity.

A Feng Shui consultation may be done in a private session or it can be conducted in one of our Feng Shui class field trips at a considerable cost reduction. A Feng Shui field trip is conducted by a teacher with a client while students observe.

Annual Review

Feng Shui enhancements are usually reinforced once a year or when a client experiences great change in their life. Reinforcements are traditionally recommended after February 4 (the beginning of Spring in the Chinese calendar). This would be an ideal time to have a Feng Shui review to check in on your progress and see if any additional adjustments need to be made.

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