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Feng Shui Wealth & Career

The Secret to Getting All You Want and Feeling Good About It


Looking for the key to getting ahead? Feng Shui could be it!

For thousands of years Feng Shui has been used by the elite of Asia to grow their wealth and rise in position. Fist Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore and now China quickly created many millionaires. While they may be reticent to admit it, Feng Shui has give them the edge.

Take this class to:

  • Uncover the blocks to your wealth
  • Eliminate them!
  • Create a wealthier future

Stuck in a rut? Feng Shui can move you to a better place!

Feng Shui can open up opportunities and propel you forward toward your career and life goals. It has become highly popular in America because it has helped so many people attain their heart's desires. Some say the changes are almost magical. It may seem strange now that changing your home can advance your career or increase wealth. It will be simple and easy once you learn the secret.

Learn to:

  • Find your true path in life
  • Do the work you love
  • Open up unlimited opportunities


Barry Gordon, a Feng Shui practitioner and educator since 1984, has thirty years experience in Shamanic work, spiritual practice, and psychotherapy, initiated by a death experience in Vietnam. Designated by his teacher, Prof Lin Yen, as an authoritative resource for his students, with a degree in physics and many years of business experience, he makes Feng Shui easy to understand. He's appeared on Dateline NBC, Strange Universe, in The New York Times and other journals, and hosts the radio show Feng Shui Today and co-teaches the three year BTB Feng Shui Masters Training ProgramTM


All introductory classes include general Feng Shui principles beyond those need to implement the particular methods presented in class. You will learn enough to make many creative and powerful adjustments to your home and work environment. Just one adjustment can bring dramatic success.


BTB (Black Sect) Feng Shui is an innovative approach to the most ancient of sciences. It helps you to adjust both your own Qi (chi) and the Qi of your environment. Working together in multidimensional harmony, these methods catalyze swift and powerful results. Environmental adjustments require only small inexpensive changes. Personal adjustments involve simple meditations, blessing ritual, and other holistic exercises.

  • Integrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual worlds. Acknowledges environmental and psychology factors that condition our life experience.
  • Activates our power to recreate our lives through conscious intention.
  • Provides extremely powerful tools to accomplish our goals with love and harmony.


The BTB Feng Shui Masters Training ProgramTM is an intensive three year practical education in the burgeoning practice of Feng Shui and other life altering methods from China, the US, and other cultures. Feng Shui is a very sophisticated 5000 years old art/science that cannot be master in a dew weekends. Our teachers have the experience and knowledge to mentor practitioners into mastery.

Whether you just want to get your feet wet at an introductory or fully immerse yourself in Feng Shui, contact us for class schedules and more information.

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