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Masters Training Program: About the Program

NCCAOM PDA Approved Courses
An opportunity to learn the art of Feng Shui
and to work toward a professional certificate.
Presented by BTB Feng Shui
Masters Training Program

"...the Black Sect's teachings are the most useful, up-to-date and compatible with modern science and design. Yet they also rely on ancient Chinese Taoist culture and thought - Tao, yin-yang, Qi (chi), and traditional Feng Shui - not to mention influences from Indian and Tibetan Buddhist beliefs and practices."

Professor Lin Yun

BTB Feng Shui is pleased to offer a thorough professional training in Feng Shui, a rare opportunity to gain certification as a practitioner, in this rapidly expanding field. BTB Feng Shui Masters Training ProgramTM teaches a full spectrum of Black Sect Feng Shui teachings and methods as authorized by Prof. Lin Yun, the foremost Feng Shui Master in the world, whose consultation and guidance initiated and informs this program. Course modules and mentoring will be conducted by BTB Feng Shui teachers Dr. Edgar Sung, Steven Post, Barry Gordon and Rosalie Prinzivalli, other senior students of Prof. Lin and master teachers of other schools and traditions.

The process of Feng Shui education is like entering the precincts of the Purple Forbidden City in Beijing. There is a clear prospect, an overview from within the walls, and then a process of going deeper, passing from gate to gate, courtyard to courtyard. The Feng Shui Masters Training Program proceeds according to this model. Becoming a professional Feng Shui practitioner goes beyond acquiring a body of knowledge and technique. The Feng Shui practitioner is the primary tool of the art. While directly teaching the Feng Shui techniques of Black Sect Tradition, the program will also explore the historical context of World Geomancy coordinating the knowledge of the past with modern practice in architecture, construction, design, psychology, gardening, and urban planning. We will integrate the ancient (in Confucius' phrase, re-animating, literally "warming up" the past) and the modern so that "the household gods delight in being here". Since Feng Shui practitioners in the U.S. will serve people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, it is important that they be able to harmonize the ancient teachings of Feng Shui with the needs, style and Qi of their clients.

No matter how many Feng Shui classes one takes, each consultation is a leap into the unknown. You will encounter problems that are impossible to fit into rules, methods or concepts we can teach intellectually. Individual mentoring emphasizing spiritual friendship and the experience of the instructors will perfect the formal learning of the practitioner and help develop the intuitive abilities, technical knowledge, and the judgment needed to succeed. You will be encouraged to develop your own unique style within the Black Sect provenance. Bonds of friendship and community will be developed that will make Feng Shui a powerful professional force as well as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth.

Traditionally, Feng Shui knowledge was transmitted within a family. We learned more about Feng Shui and successful living by accompanying Prof. Lin on consultations, and traveling with him in the U.S. and in China, than we did in the hundreds of classes, weekends, and talks we have attended. We want to pass on a way of seeing and understanding the world that he transmitted to us.

Our students will accompany us on consultations. We also will accompany them as they conduct guided consultations. We will guide students in individual research projects and in developing special areas of expertise.

Scholarships, referral rebates, travel expense support, partner and other discounts are available on a case-by-case review, based on documented individual need. To apply or receive additional information, please contact:

For the East Coast program,
Rosalie Prinzivalli, at (212)472-1247.

For the West Coast program,
Steven Post, at (415)753-6408.

Though it has thousands of years of history, Feng Shui is a new profession in the U.S. As part of their serious commitment to Feng Shui as a profession, students will be expected to contribute to the developing body of knowledge and to the advancement of this profoundly practical art and pragmatic science in the coming century. Such research will be shared in reports, conferences, colloquia, and in publications. Research projects will collect information to validate or invalidate tenets of Black Sect Feng Shui and to benefit communities which are largely lacking in applied Feng Shui knowledge.

The Black Sect is a synthesis of Shamanic and wisdom teachings. It recognizes that their is no separation between consciousness, intention and form, that all form is an expression of intention, and that there is a constant cybernetic and emergent communication between them. Creation arises out of consciousness, the artist, the intender. Qi, the vital force, is both the medium and the message. Black Sect Feng Shui is the science/art of the constant, mutual, interactive communication and conditioning between the Qi of place or environment and the Qu of individuals.

Changing the Qi of a place changes the situation's inherent intention, changing the luck/fate/karma of the inhabitants. Black Sect practitioners learn to adjust Qi at the most appropriate dimension, whether directly through meditation, using natural forces, or through Feng Shui adjustment.

As taught by Professor Lin Yun, Black Sect Feng Shui is a synthesis of Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist, Taoist, and folk wisdom as well as modern psychology and design principals. Black Sect teaching helps bring to fruition an individual's wish for positive change in accord with universal principal. Black Sect practitioners "do well by doing good", advancing themselves by benefiting others. This enlightened self interest makes the practice of Feng Shui especially appealing.

Meditation practices awaken a clear view of what is needed and appropriate to correct and balance disharmony in our environment and ourselves. By understanding the environment as a perfect expression of our spiritual and psychological states, we can use the juncture of self and home, place and being to create true comfort and joy.

   Since the spiritual precedes the physical, using Black Sect Feng Shui methods creates a new beginning, repairs what has been spoiled, and increases what is already good. By both adjusting our environments and adjusting ourselves we enliven and inspire the continual process of transformed being.

Feng Shui, the original environmental impact statement, is sometimes regarded as the mother of the natural sciences, among the earliest comprehensive attempts to codify the influences of weather, place, and cosmology as a guide to life. Feng Shui, as an art involves the intuitive, aesthetic adjustment of visible and invisible objects or factors, realigning all dimensions of environment into harmony and balance. Feng Shui practitioners play the role of designer, healer, priest, psychologist (therapist), financial advisor, business consultant and matchmaker.

Dr. Edgar Sung - has practiced Feng Shui for 30 years, and is a master Chinese Astrologer. He has extensive experience with architects and developers, building life-enhancing homes from the ground up. Dr. Sung is the author of several books, including the annual publication of the Chinese Almanac, the Practical Use of the Chinese Almanac: A Guide, and Ten Thousand Years Book: The Essential Tool for Chinese Astrology. A forthcoming book (due in 2000) focuses on Nine Star Qi for health professionals and lay people alike.
Steven Post - a Feng Shui practitioner for more than 27 years, is a business, residential, and construction consultant, and an expert in Jewish, Japanese, European and Great goddess geomantic traditions. He is the author of The Modern Book of Feng Shui, published by Dell.
Barry Gordon - a Feng Shui practitioner for over twenty years, has a degree in physics and many years of business experience. A death experience in Vietnam led him to study the metaphysical methods of many cultures. He specializes in making Feng Shui user-friendly to the Western mind.
Rosalie Prinzivalli - named to succeed Dr. Edgar Sung and first graduate to join the faculty, has studied Feng Shui for 11 years. She has an MBA, extensive business experience, 30+ years of studies in Taoism, meditation, astrology, energy healing (Far Infrared and Shinkiko certified) and is the Board Chair of the International Feng Shui Guild.


Three 4-Day Weekends plus Summer Intensive
Supervised Consultations
Field Trips/ Site Assessment

Three 4-Day Weekends plus Summer Intensive
Supervised Consultations
Field Trips/ Site Assessment

Three 4-Day Weekends plus Summer Intensive
Joint Consultations
Field Trips/ Site Assessment
All information subject to change without notice.

Participation in the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training ProgramTM is by application only, and enrollment is limited to 40 students per year. Either one Introductory Intensive or equivalent prior study (acceptable to the instructors) is a prerequisite for this program. Fill out the application form below and return it to BTB Feng Shui Masters Training ProgramTM. In addition to the course prerequisites, BTB Feng Shui MP will interview all applicants. The interview process will allow the instructors to gauge the knowledge and needs of the applicants, and suggest remedies for any areas in which the applicant needs further development.

Tuition is annual, due at the beginning of each class year. Students may make payment in four installments each due two weeks before each workshops. Students with individual financial hardships may contact MJE for special arrangements.
Students will receive a certificate of participation after each of the first two years. Students who satisfactorily complete the entire three year program will receive a Certificate of Completion from BTB Feng Shui Masters Training ProgramTM and will be registered as among the Black Sect Feng Shui certified practitioners recommended to the public.

Weekend trainings will be given module numbers. Each module will be repeated on both coasts each year, substantially identical except for personal questions and field trips. Students unable to attend a particular weekend may take it on the opposite coast or the following year. Qualified individuals may enter at any point during the year. To receive a certificate, students must attend all required modules. Students who have completed the required prerequisites may, with the agreement of BTB Feng Shui Masters Training ProgramTM and if space permits, attend modules of FSMP Year One training.

Masters Training Program

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