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April 29, 2017

San Francisco, CA

Practitioners Training Program

Health 1

Dr. Edgar Sung
Cindy Chan

Prerequisites: Feng Shui 1

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Health 1 is part one of the four independent modules of Balancing Health Through Feng Shui.

The art of BTBFeng Shui™ is learning how to combine the most powerful BTB Feng Shui™ tools with mundane and transcendental solutions to adjust the energy in a home. This class will demonstrate how to improve good health through BTB Feng Shui™ methodology.

 In this class you will gain an understanding of:

·         Development of yin-yang theory

·         BTB Ba Gua as it relates to health

·         Importance of seasons

·         Overcoming and productive order of the five elements

·         Correlation to the Three Cycles (Heaven, Human and Earth)

·         Eight Trigrams analysis of anatomy

·         Personal Qi (Chi) Adjustments

·         Feng Shui Adjustments

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Practitioners Training Program

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