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August 5, 2012

San Francisco, CA

Practitioners Training Program

Business Feng Shui 2

Dr. Edgar Sung
Cindy Chan

Prerequisites: Introductory Intensive;
Feng Shui 1

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Feng shui principles can be used to enhance businesses.  It is important to learn how to apply feng shui principles to enhance the qi (chi) in the interior and exterior environment of a business.  Proper feng shui adjustments will increase business wealth and improve work performance.

In this class, we use BTB Feng Shui™ methodology to adjust the interior and exterior factors of a business to promote "good feng shui".  This, in turn, benefits the work environment and productivity of employees which ultimately brings in more wealth to the business.  Students will learn a unique method of collecting wealth for business and a groundbreaking blessing method to help collect the best feng shui qi (chi) from the foundation up.

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Practitioners Training Program

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