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Practitioners Training Program: About the Program

Our BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioners Training Program is designed for those wishing to augment their existing career and also for those who wish to expand their personal knowledge of feng shui.

See also: The Practitioners Training Program brochure (PDF, 512K).

As senior students of His Holiness Professor Lin Yun, we are dedicated in sharing his teachings to interested parties. His teachings are comprehensive, philosophical, spiritual and practical. The BTB Feng ShuiTM School incorporates the essence of Confucianism, Daoism, Yin-Yang philosophy, Buddhism, I-Ching, Theory of Qi, holistic healing, feng shui, and folkloric studies.

The BTB Feng ShuiTM School recognizes there are different levels of interest in feng shui education. To that end, we have created various programs including the BTB Feng ShuiTM Masters Training Program and the BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioners Training Program to meet the students needs to distinguish themselves as BTB Feng ShuiTM consultants.

The BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioners Training Program is designed so students can take the entire program at one time, in single modules of interest, or in one-day intensives. Completion of all twenty modules leads to certificate of BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioner.

One-day Intensive Classes - are designed as an introduction to the world of feng shui and are a means of beginning the use of the principles of feng shui in daily life.

The Single Modules Program - is designed as single teachings in specific areas of feng shui or Chinese astrology. Class length varies with each subject. For example, the Feng Shui Health Series is four modules and is part of our BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioners Training Program. This series is a complete teaching in itself, but is also part of the whole BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioners Training Program.

The Practitioners Training Program - is designed for those wishing to augment their existing career, to start a new career in feng shui, or for those wishing to enrich their personal knowledge of feng shui, Chinese astrology and Chinese philisophy. Upon completion of all twenty modules, students will be awarded a BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioners Certification. Classes meet twice a month for one day at a time.

Professions that will benefit from these programs are Designers, Architects, Coaches, Consultants, Professional Organizers, Healers, Therapists, Real Estate Agents, Landscape Designers, Astrologers, Builders, Psychotherapists, Decorators, Health Practitioners, Artists, Teachers, Nurses, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and others.

Modules in The BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioners Training Program are as follows:

Feng Shui & Health - 4 Modules - In this series students learn the basics of Feng Shui principles as they apply to issues of health. These include meditations to strenghthen Qi, Natural Path Qi Gong, methods of protection for the practitioner, and discussion of illnesses that may have contributing causes due to poor Feng Shui in the home and work place. Students will learn the possible solutions and enhancements for good health and are required to present case studies for analysis.

Personal Qi - 3 Modules - The ability to analyze personal Qi is very important to the expert Feng Shui Practitioner. You can identify and offer adjustments to enrich the lives of clients through the special powerful BTB meditations which strengthen your intuition and Prof. Lin Yun's unique theory of the 12 methods for reading personal Qi.

Students are given insight and the ability to read clients personal Qi with intuitive methods, face reading, the ten facial shapes, mole reading and personal Qi analysis using the Five Element Method.

Business Feng Shui - 2 Modules - Businesses have particular Feng Shui needs for success. In this class we will explore various ways to support businesses from concept through realization, space clearing of negative Qi, Qi adjustments, and Feng Shui principles specific to business.

Marketing materials like business cards and logos have a significent effect on making a business a winner! We will exam various well known businesses and their marketing materials through Feng Shui to chart successes and failures.

Prosperity - 1 Module - Most people want and desire a life of abundance. To attract this we must be clear in our vision in developing personal Qi and goals. This module provides the methods that will define intentions, strenghthen personal Qi and increase prosperity. These tried and true Feng Shui methods will help you and your clients attract abundance and a preferred lifestyle.

Business Development - 1 Module - This class is designed to guide you on your path to a successful career as a BTB Feng ShuiTM Practitioner. Without a planned strategy, it is difficult for anyone to vision and achieve goals. This module will give you step by step methods in creating your blueprint for success.

This includes writing your business plan, business practices, and marketing tools for a winning feng shui practice. You will also receive training in public speaking and learn methods for building a client base.

Field Trips - 4 Modules - Field Trips are an excellent way to experience Feng Shui principles in action. This is the best way to apply the theories learned in class to real life situations. We will visit homes and businesses to conduct extensive Feng Shui analysis and make recommendations for Feng Shui and personal Qi adjustments.

Feng Shui - 2 Modules - Feng Shui is an ancient art and science of natural energy flow that has developed over thousands of years. Learning the many components of BTB Feng ShuiTM is to build a strong foundation for BTB Feng ShuiTM practices.

Topics included are Prof. Lin's theory of Ling Particles, The Ba Gua Theory, Yin Yang Theory, the Five Element Theory, Space Clearing Methods, Blessing Methods, and Personal Qi development.

Mentoring and Coaching Program - Optional

Mentoring and joint consultations are important aspects of our program. Although classroom learning is necessary, observing H.H. Professor Lin and instructors of BTB Feng ShuiTM School in feng shui consultation is invaluable. Each student's progress to becoming a proficient practitioner has individual needs that can only be met through personal contact with a qualified teacher.

This Mentoring and Coaching program is design to prepare, support, assist, guide and coach students in conducting feng shui consultations. In many cases, the students can earn back the cost of this additional program through their own feng shui consultations before the end of the school year.

These classes are held immediately following our regularly scheduled Practitioner Training Program from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm. There are also additional review classes and classes that are held by phone throughout the year.

This Program Includes:

  1. Answering all of your questions about and helping you with any consultations you are conducting
  2. Giving you BTB advice for any personal or family problems
  3. Answering any feng shui or spiritual question you present within the limits of our abilities
  4. Helping with business advice
  5. Review and discussion of the compulsory coursework between modules based upon the application of principles learned with real clients
  6. Telephone coaching and support
  7. Opportunities to conduct supervised consultations with an instructor
  8. Become part of our practitioner referral network
  9. One year associate membership to The International Feng Shui Guild
  10. Lifetime listing with BTB Feng ShuiTM directory
  11. Group teleclasses
  12. And of course, others

You may contact us at any reasonable time for assistance by phone, fax, or email. We will do our best to response to you within twenty four hours. You may offer red envelopes at your discretion. This is a delicate matter. A clear understanding of the red envelope process is vital to your success in feng shui. If you do not feel that you understand its importance, please ask us.

Through the Mentoring and Coaching program, you will deeply enrich your classroom knowledge. You are not required to take part in the Mentoring and Coaching program and we will not pursue you, but are highly encouraging your participation. In the Black Sect tradition, you must ring our bell to take advantage of these opportunities.

Elective Classes

I Ching - 2 Modules - I Ching (The Book of Changes) is a book of ancient origin consisting of 64 interrelated hexagrams along with commentaries attributed to Confucius. If you never learn I Ching, you will never understand I Ching. , Understanding the I Ching will benefit your life. This system is used to answer questions and give advise relating to personal situations as well as business.

Four Pillars of Destiny - 4 Modules - The Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) is an ancient Chinese method of reading person's life based on their birth Year, Month, Day, and Hour.

The core of the Four Pillars of Destiny gives us opportunities to do the right thing at the right time. If you can unveil your destiny and anticipate events ahead in your life, you can have a better management of your destiny. Prepare to reduce the negative impacts and overcome obstacles during your future challenging times, and grasp any positive opportunities that destiny may provide by using the application of the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Dowsing - 3 Hours - Dowsing is another form of divination. Tsource of the answers seems to come from your higher consciousness or universal mind. It is the ancient art of seeking information or unseen objects through the use of dowsing rods and pendulums. In practice, it is a process of obtaining answers to properly worded questions with the use of a dowsing instrument, and the use of proper frame of mind.

Practitioners Training Program

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