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Feng Shui: Planting Seeds for Peace

with Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon

Your home can become your own personal peace power center, radiating deep peace and harmony as a beacon that can change yourself and the world.

Our homes and workplaces are symbolic extensions of ourselves. We can rearrange, change or create symbols in our environments as metaphors for the intentions we want to manifest in our lives and in the world. These conscious metaphorical compositions are seed symbols that will sprout and grow, creating our futures.

In this class you will learn to design these seed symbols to powerfully grow deep peace and harmony in yourself. Creating beautiful physical seed patterns in our environment anchors our intentions as a prayer for peace to manifest physically. Our environment becomes a continuous prayer wheel.

Working together, we can plant a forest of peace. Our peace forest can grow to encompass the world. Only by creating a coherent community of minds willing peace into being can we transform our world.

This class is for everyone from beginners to advanced Feng Shui practitioners. You will learn all the basics of Feng Shui, special meditations to enhance both peace and intuition, and space clearing techniques. Of course, these techniques can also be applied to enhance your own success and well being. Bring overhead projections of your home or business floor plans for practical application in class.

About the Instructor, Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon, co-owner of BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, has been an international Feng Shui practitioner and educator since 1984 and is designated by Professor Lin Yun, Grand Master of BTB Feng Shui as authoritative and a resource for his students. Barry has a degree in physics and many years' experience as a business owner, an intuitive counselor and in corporate management. Initiated by a death experience in Vietnam, he has acquired thirty years experience in shamanic work, spiritual practice, numerous therapies and other esoteric studies. He has appeared at the UN SORC, on Dateline NBC, Strange Universe, numerous radio shows, in the New York Times, New Age Journal, and various magazines. Barry co-teaches the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program at the New York Open Center and in San Francisco. He also teaches in other Certificate Programs and centers in the U.S. and internationally.

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