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Lighting One Candle at a Time

In Memory of His Holiness Professor Lin Yun,

Our Beloved Er Ge

Er Ge

Prof. Lin

Before Er Ge came to the United States, I always had a vision that my teacher was somehow related to the color Black; yet I expected that my teacher would be Chinese, not of African descent.

In 1978, my vision came true once I heard Er Ge lecture in Mandarin about Chinese philosophy and Feng Shui at San Francisco State University. In this lecture he introduced Bon, which is also known as Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, and I knew then that he was my teacher. I was blessed to know Er Ge and to accompany him on all of his pilgrimages searching for the roots of the Bon tradition in India, Tibet and China.

H.H. Professor Lin said that he had many benefactors in his life. Some of those benefactors were: the late Professor Leo Chen, the late Professor John Ju, and the late Professor Sechin Jigchid. In reality, Professor Lin was the benefactor for all the people who had a chance to know him directly or indirectly.

In the 1980's, no matter what his other commitments were, he always came back to San Francisco weekly to teach. His dedication to his students and disciples went beyond words. I felt extremely fortunate to be a part of his life. He taught me how to be a better human being.

He pointed out to me that I should not be like a bookworm, reading only the words. Rather that I should read between the lines to discover hidden meanings so as to experience the whole vision of the author. Professor Lin encouraged me to teach Feng Shui, astrology, and Chinese philosophy. He taught me that teaching is like lighting one candle at a time. He lit my candle and those of many others, and I spread the light by lighting yet others' candles. He lit up our lives and gave us hope to carry on. His light will always be present in us.

Edgar Sung

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