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Feng Shui and Relationships

We are pleased to present to you an introduction to the basic concepts involved in Feng Shui and Relationships. We will teach you how to attract, maintain and improve relationships. This actually is a very large subject, and will be taught in several levels because of its complexity. We hope that you will be able to truly grasp the concept of overlaying the information presented, and not blend this information with other systems of information outside of our teaching. We understand that it is tempting to utilize all of the knowledge that you have accumulated by a sort of 'mix and match' approach, but you will not gain the full benefit of these classes by doing that. The classes we have to offer are all part of an enormous system of information which has been practiced for over a thousand years, and fits together like a gorgeous piece of classical music.

Though the words Feng and Shui literally mean wind and water, the actual meaning of Feng Shui is easily summed up:

Feng Shui is the Study of the Movement of Qi

We will cover basic information involving the essential nature of life, as well as present ways in which you can begin a systematic study of the day in which Qi (chi) expresses itself. In this class you will examine the 'relationship aspect' of one's self, home, office and workplace, and discover the vital interrelationship between the two. The ba-kua is the key to unlocking the exciting secrets of developing a deep understanding and ability to perceive more that one normally seen in the quest of balancing personal Qi and environment.

The ba-kua is an ancient system which uses a series of eight trigrams from the I Ching to express the relationships of the trigrams with one another. The ba-kua that BTB uses a special variation in the way the trigrams are shown and read. In BTB Feng Shui, the Qi described in the movement of the trigrams starts from the outside of the ba-kua and moves inward towards the center where we are positioned - in the tai-chi position, which is expressed by the ying/yang symbol. The trigrams are organized in such a way that they represent eight sections, called kuas, and each kua is assigned with important basic subjects which specifically associate with our lives and our environments.

It is important that each student of Feng Shui memorize the ba-kua, so that you can use it as a template - a guide for the study of the environment. By placing the ba-kua over the face, body and site, it will reveal worlds of information about the site and it's relationship to one's relationship with their family, friends and colleagues.

We will also be share with you a great variety of methods for adjusting the your personal Qi, Qi of your home, and workplace. The material used in many of these adjustments will be also be discussed, so that you might gain some insight as to the reasons behind their uses. We will also be make it available for the students to present floor plans for analysis and personal Qi analysis. It is our hope that you will continually study and practice the material in this booklet as well as the notes you take in our class, and take it into your mind and your heart. We hope that you become very familiar with this information and use it to help others, so that this knowledge will fan out to benefit many people.


We are pleased and honored to present Dr. Edgar Sung, an eminently qualified teacher. In his native China, he was introduced to the principles of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Over the past thirty years Edgar has become a master practitioner of both these ancient sciences and brings his considerable knowledge and skill to his students. He has far ranging experiences with teaching, including being a faculty member in a traditional Chinese medical university in San Francisco. Edgar has had extraordinary success advising clients on medical problems. Health conscious individuals, architects and developers seek his counsel in developing life and health enhancing homes and workplaces. Edgar Sung is a disciple and senior student of Professor Thomas Yun Lin (the Supreme Head and Spiritual Leader of Fourth Stage Contemporary Black Sect Tantric Buddhism).


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