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[For Immediate Release: EnviroMagic Wins Bronze Metal for Garden Design]

Feng Shui Landscape Design

Saturday and Sunday, April 6 & 7, 2002, 10AM - 5PM
Optional Third Day: Monday, April 8, 2002
(Focus on one-on-one support in designing a landscape)

MJE Learning Center, San Francisco, CA
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with Daniel Owens and MadhuMati Brodkey Garden

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Feng Shui for landscaping
  • Design techniques
  • Incorporating other elements into your site
  • Plant identification
  • Additional Feng Shui techniques and principles
  • Five Elements for the garden
  • Follow the Qi (chi)
  • Assist students with their design

The workshop includes slide presentations showing examples of good and bad Feng Shui, various plants materials to use in your Feng Shui garden and a site tour. Ample handouts are included and this workshop also includes two field trips, a group design project, and an individual design project.

Comments from past participants:

  • "Good pace, wonderful presentation, excellent handouts, Well done! Good blend of experiential, lectures and hands on." T.L.

  • "Good balance of theory and practical. I felt I left with tools I can use immediately and with the incentive to learn more. I also appreciated all the handouts - it will make implementation much better!" P.S.J.

  • "Overall an excellent weekend!" J.B.


Daniel Owens is the managing partner with Enviromagic, a horticultural design and service firm, specializing in Feng Shui application. Daniel as more than twenty years experiences working with the Qi of live plants and flowers. His dynamic and imaginative approach to design has earned numerous awards including a grand award from the Association of Landscape Contractor of America in 1997. Daniel is a Certified Professional BTB Feng Shui Consultant and he incorporating Feng Shui with his landscape design and carefully choosing materials that support the Qi and intention of his clients throughout the Bay Area.
News: EnviroMagic Wins Bronze Metal for Garden Design

MadhuMati Brodkey Madhu M. Brodkey is a Certified Professional BTB Feng Shui Consultant who graduated from the three-year professional training program of the Black Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui Institute based in San Francisco. Madhu has been involved in the meditation and healing arts for over 25 years. She combines this work along with her Feng Shui and interest in design and nature to harmonize and balance the Qi of our environment. Her belief is that bringing the Qi and elements into balance supports our ability to function at our full potential.

Madhu has taught Feng Shui at Five Branches Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, California as well as private classes. She is often called upon to lecture at bookstores, hospitals, garden clubs, real estate and private groups. Madhu has been featured in newspaper articles and writes for a local paper. Television and radio appearances are other venues Madhu has used to get her message out. Madhu has collaborated on a book about the Nine Star Qi system of astrology with master Chinese astrologer, Dr. Edgar Sung.

Workshop Fee: $300.00 (Optional third day is $150.) Space is limited so that all students may receive individual attention. Register On-Line for this Class.

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