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Feng Shui and Architecture

June 1-2, 2002
MJE Learning Center, San Francisco, CA
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Are you a professional designer or simply looking to build your own home? Explore the possibilities of purposeful design in this two-day session on Feng Shui and Architecture. The "foundation" of the class will guide you through the principles behind Feng Shui and the importance of utilizing these principles in design. Although there are many books to guide one through a series of adjustments for existing conditions you can learn how to avoid these potential energetic disasters from the beginning. We will analyze such arenas as project identification, building and lot shapes, color implication, building placement, and environmental impact.

Once a comprehensive overview of the principles of Feng Shui has been accomplished, put the pencil to the paper. The first of two design projects will be to apply the knowledge on a residential project to be done in class. On the second day, exercise your knowledge on a commercial project. The exercise of designing a school will be presented.

The designs will be reviewed by the class in order to better understand the principles in application. After completion of this course, you will have not only a valuable understanding of Feng Shui, but a working knowledge of it, as well.

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