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Practical Training in Feng Shui

with Dr. Edgar Sung
Friday, March 30 - Tuesday, April 3, 2001
Mount Madonna Center, Watsonville, CA
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Dr. Sung Feng Shui is the Study of the Movement of Qi (vital energy) and our personal environment is a reflection of how we utilize Qi. In this seminar we will cover information involving the essential nature of life, as well as present ways in which you can begin a systematic study of the flow of Qi. A fundamental tool used is called the Ba Gua. It is a "map" divided into eight sections or trigrams that covers significant areas of our life including family, prosperity, health, self worth, relationships, and career. These trigrams originate from the I Ching and are the key to unlocking the exciting secrets of developing a deep understanding and ability to perceive more than one normally sees in the quest of balancing one's life and environment.

The Ba Gua that Black Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui uses is a special variation in the way the trigrams are shown and read. In BTB Feng Shui, the Qi described in the movement of the trigrams starts from the outside of the Ba Gua and moves inward towards the center where we are positioned (the tai-chi position) expressed by the ying/yang symbol. The trigrams are organized in such a way that they represent eight sections, called guas, and each gua is assigned with important basic subjects specifically associated with our lives and our environments. By placing the Ba Gua over our office, workplace and home, it will reveal worlds of information about the site and its relationship to one's wealth, career, etc.

We will also be given a great variety of methods for adjusting and enhancing the Qi of your home, workplace and home to benefit your career, wealth, health and relationships; how to live in harmony with nature; and how to express your spiritual practice through your surroundings. The tools used in many of these adjustments will also be discussed, so that you might gain some insight as to the reasons behind their uses.

In class we will explore Feng Shui theory in depth for all levels of students (new and experienced Feng Shui enthusiasts) and practical applications through two site tours to private homes demonstrating principles taught in the program. Students will learn empowering techniques and meditations to use in everyday life. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each attendee.

This program offers 27 CEU to acupuncturist (Pending Approval).


DATE: Friday, March 30 - Tuesday, April 3, 2001
PLACE: Mount Madonna Center
445 Summit Rd.
Watsonville, CA 95076
Tel# 408-847-0406
Fax# 408-847-2683

Registration: Tuition: $900.00 not including lodging and meal at Mount Madonna. Participants may register by phone (408-847-0406) or on line at Register On-Line for this Class

If you have any questions, please phone Mount Madonna Center at 408-847-0406 or Madhu Brodkey (831-722-6339).

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