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Four Pillars of Destiny

with Dr. Edgar Sung
July 10-13, 2008, San Francisco
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This workshop addresses the basic principles of one of the most important forms of Chinese Astrology-Four Pillars. This form of astrology is also known as "The Eight Characters" or "Ba Zhi" or "Zi Ping." Four Pillars is a very accurate and powerful method of reading one's life chart.

What is Four Pillars Astrology?
Dr. Sung Four Pillars consists of four columns displaying the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches of a person's birth Year, Month, Day, and Hour. Each column consists of two characters. The top character is the Heavenly Stem and the bottom is the Earthly Branch. Since each column has two characters representing the Year, Month, Day and Hour, it is also called "The Eight Characters".

Four Pillars came from a well-known scholar, Xu Zi Ping in the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 AD). He changed the way people called Chinese Astrology. In very ancient time, people only use the birth year to represent the person's fate, which is their zodiac sign of the birth year. Even today, when people talk about Chinese Astrology, they usually talk about the animal sign and characteristic of the zodiac. Xu Zi Ping put the important of a person's fate on the day of the birth which he called "Day Master".

Workshop Content
In this workshop, we will learn how to calculate the Four Pillars, understand the relationship between the Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches, Four Seasons, Five Elements, Sixty Cycle, relationship of Ten Traits, Twelve Stages of Life, Six Aspects, and finding Auspicious and Inauspicious Indicators and analyzing different Life Styles, when does one enter the first Luck Cycle, how to calculate the annual luck pillar and Ten Year Luck Cycle.

Subsequently, Edgar will show us how to incorporate this knowledge into our daily life. He also teaches us how to determine our favorable elements in the Five Elements Theory and knowing and understanding our lucky and unlucky cycle in our life. With the health analysis, we know how practice preventive medicine. And if we have a full understand of our life, we will know how to live our life to the fullest and maximizing our potential for wealth, health and happiness. When you are in the intersection and need to make a major decision, Four Pillars is the best guide you can refer to.

A Certificate of Study will be mailed to each participant of this workshop upon completion.

We are pleased and honored to present Dr. Edgar Sung, an eminently qualified teacher of Chinese Astrology - Four Pillars. In his native China, Edgar was introduced to the principles of Chinese astrology and feng shui. Over the past thirty years Dr. Sung has become a master practitioner of both of these ancient sciences and brings his considerable knowledge and skill to his students. He has far ranging experiences with teaching Chinese Astrology - Four Pillars. He has had extraordinary success advising clients on making major decisions in their life.

Dr. Edgar Sung is a disciple and senior student of Professor Thomas Yun Lin (the Supreme Head and Spiritual Leader of Fourth Stage Contemporary Black Sect Tantric Buddhism). As co-founder of GEO (Geomancy/Feng Shui Education Organization) he is currently teaching the Feng Shui Masters Training Program and Chinese Astrology at the New York Open Center and in San Francisco. Published books include the annual publication of the Chinese Almanac; and Chinese Almanac and the Practical Use of the Chinese Almanac - A Guide; and Ten Thousand Years Book - The Essential Tool to Chinese Astrology.

"We know a lot about Life;
But we do not know what came before we were born or what will come after we are dead.
Flying Star, Four Pillars- Such magnificent calculations.
Today we won't talk of Shi Yi and Tze Ping
Because they have passed on;
Luckily Edgar is willing to teach.
Ten Thousand Years Book-The Essential Tool for Chinese Astrology,
even better than the Immortals!
Good book. Carefully read it.
You will find lots of hidden messages.
Don't waste your life on guessing"

A poem by H.H. Professor Thomas Lin Yun in
Ten Thousand Years Book -- The Essential Tool for Chinese Astrology.

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